Content of Alpha acids: 5% – 9%
Content of Beta acids: 4% – 7%
Typical beer styles: US ALES, PALE ALE, IPA, PORTER

Cascade Hops, named for the Cascade Mountain Range, were developed by the U.S.D.A breeding program in Oregon and released to the public in 1972. A crossbreed of English Fuggle and Russian Serebrianker. They are currently grown in the USA and Australia and are the most popular hop variety used in the American craft brewing industry.

The craft beer revolution gave birth to a whole world of “hop-heads” and people obsessed with then-new IPA’s that are now de rigueur. If you had more than one American craft beer, chances are you’ve tasted Cascade hops. Flavors of pine, citrus, and floral undertones give these beers their life and personality. And a moderate alpha level (think bitterness) lends them their versatility as both aroma and bittering hop.