Content of Alpha acids: 2 – 3%
Content of Beta acids: 2,5 – 4%
Typical Beer Styles: Lager

Backa was the most famous aromatic variety in Europe.According to Miljevac (1984) and its characteristics, is one of the Central European varieties, especially middle late german-french redheads. According to its habitus,cone structure  and technological properties,it is very similar to Hallertau, Strisselspalt, Wurtenberg, Hersbrucker, Elsaser varieties.

According to Husar (1962), the variety was derived from populations grown at the end of the 19th  and beginning of the 20th century in Vojvodina. It was created by the acclimatization of several hops from  Czech Republic, Germany and France. Vrbovski (1927) said, that Backa hops (Backa variety) under that name was known  on the market even before the First World War.